When should protective foil be removed from window profiles?

We recommend removal of the foil right after completion of installation. Leaving them on for a longer period creates risk of permanent adhesion to the surface. Exposure to strong sunlight will increase this risk.

How to preserve the joinery?

The joinery produced by us requires minimum intervention of the user for proper functioning. This stands for the necessity of cleaning it and periodical application of grease to movable elements of hardware.

The joinery should be cleaned with wipe or sponge, using mild, commonly available detergents. Do not use cleaning powders of substances including aggressive chemicals.


Why are glasses covered with vapor?

Coverage of glasses with vapor is a physical phenomenon related to vaporization. Vaporization is separation of water particles from liquid or body and transfer into gas.

Also, an opposing phenomenon is related to vapor, which is transfer of water particles from gaseous form to liquid – condensation.

When smaller amount of water particles is present in the air, vaporization prevails; when the number of water particles is too high (too moist air), condensation occurs.

To make condensation possible, cooling of vapor is necessary, which is done by glass surfaces of temperature lower than air temperature.

The easiest way to reduce (eliminate) condensation is delivery of lower moisture air into the room by venting.